Announcement of Edu-Przedszkole 2.0 and start of work on mobile application

Opublikowano 23 July 2021

Edu-Przedszkole 2.0

Edu-Przedszkole is one of our applications, which is becoming more and more popular. With the increased number of users, we have decided to introduce many improvements to version 2.0. Implementation is scheduled for the end of the year. We will add to the platform An electronic journal, as well as the creation of private galleries and many other features improving the operation of the application.

 Edu-Przedszkole mobile app

As the second decade of the XXI century has begun, more and more people see the power and huge benefits of platforms and applications available on everyday devices such as phones, tablets and computers. The possibility of quick contact with the community, checking very important information is now much easier thanks to this type of software. Following the spirit of time and development of the whole project we are also planning to create a mobile application, which will contain all current functionalities of the platform extended by QR code reader. It will be possible to use at the entrances to the institutions. Contact on the level of parent - caretaker has never been so simple, and all this is for the taking! We plan to implement the mobile application along with Edu-Przedszkole update to version 2.0.

If you want our platform to work in your facility - contact us!