Edu-Przedszkole.pl summary of the year of functioning

Opublikowano 20 March 2021

Edu-Przedszkole celebrates success

In less than a year since the implementation of Edu-Przedszkole and completion of tests in partner institutions, we are celebrating the huge success of our platform! We have already signed the hundredth agreement with another kindergarten in Poland and we have made a milestone in project development.

Cooperation with new institutions will soon allow us to start working on a mobile version of the application, which will expand our offer.

Why Edu-Przedszkole.pl is a good solution for kindergarten?

Many of the facilities we serve are struggling to operate complex IT systems that do not produce the expected results. Our platform has come out to meet such problems. Edu-Przedszkole is very easy to use and thanks to constant technical support and training it becomes an application which can be used by everyone without any problem.

Explore the vast possibilities of our platform!

In the era of pandemics, government restrictions and e-learning, contact with pupils and their families was much more difficult. By introducing the Edu-Przedszkole platform in your institution, you can take the parent - caretaker communication to a whole new level. Apart from basic communication functions, Edu-Przedszkole is also capable of checking the menu, saving important events in the calendar or reporting the work of the kindergarten's staff. This is only a fraction of the possibilities offered by Edu-Przedszkole.

O naszej platformie You can learn more about our platform on Edu-Przedszkole.pl