Modern solutions for the MSP sector

Opublikowano 17 June 2021

Dedicated systems for company management

W oBased on our experience and technological capabilities we have created solutions that are used in dozens of companies in Poland and Europe. One of our flagship products are dedicated systems for company management. The software supports order and project management, communication between teams, invoice systems, HR and accounting departments.

Support for manufacturing companies

One of the basic and the most often created functions in such programs are solutions improving production processes. They can, among others, automate sending orders between the office and production departments, introduce control over stock levels, reports of order quantities, sales data and prepare automatic offers and quotations.By automating the aforementioned processes of the companies we work with, we could save hundreds of thousands by removing the human error factor and requiring fewer employees. These measures would also reduce companies' fixed costs.

Business and office support

Another solution, which we create the most often are systems for management of human resources, documents and finances in the company. Introduced system can improve communication between employees, monitor current financial status of the company, have a customer database, conduct automatic mailing, automatically generate contracts, reports and much more.

If you do not have any software that will automate work in your company we invite you to contact us and to visit the website of our brand EPLEE, which specializes in this type of software.