Workplace 2.0 better organization your work

Opublikowano 16 April 2021

What is WorkPlace?

Over the years, we have encountered customer problems with organizing work in the company, controlling the work of employees, or efficient project management. For internal company purposes we have created software that solves all these problems. Now we are releasing a fully commercial version that can help your company as well.

How can Workplace 2.0 help me?

Workplace 2.0 is a great tool for managing company work, invoices, employee working time and customer service, among other things. The system also has a disk function, where you can store valuable company data. Innovative solutions for controlling employees' working time with QR badges. A database of contractors with full information on ongoing projects is only a part of the possibilities offered by a well implemented Workplace in the company.

Is Workplace difficult to use?

While creating our software, we focus primarily on the simplicity of use. There are no unnecessary functions in our systems, which complicate the processes of operating the system. Workplace is a very intuitive, easy to use system for company, project and HR management, which can be implemented within one day. Our specialists regularly conduct training concerning software maintenance. In IT4EB people count, that is why you can always count on us.

Do you already have Workplace in your company?